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a) Advent, Lent or other Study Groups
b) Parochial Church Councils, Elders, Vestry or other Leadership Teams
c) Individual Study

The Study Book is focused on Biblical teaching and Theology of Stewardship, the underlying vision for the church and personal response to the Gospel. It is not a Stewardship programme in itself. It can be used in preparation for or in parallel to a practical stewardship.


a) to help people think through what it means to be a disciple in the correct use of time, effort and possessions - the fundamental theology of stewardship and prime theme
b) to help local churches initiate a process to develop a shared vision, owned by its members,  about what its mission is and what it costs to fulfil that mission - the second theme
c) to suggest practical measures that need to put in place to facilitate people providing the required resources - an introduction (see references and links)